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> About The Program

All of us have probably experienced that feeling of not being in control in the midst of this pandemic. Many of us may even feel like our daily lives have been threatened and find ourselves falling apart and powerless in the face of all this unexpected change. But the good news is that even though we lack the ability to change the circumstances, we still have a choice of who we want to be and how we act. We can choose to either remain panicked about how things will never be the same or we can accept what has happened and choose the right behaviours that will get us back on track.

This is where mindfulness comes in. A well-known practice that will allow us to overcome the myriad of emotions that we may be feeling like fear, guilt, vulnerability. This program is designed to help participants understand how to treat themselves with kindness and gentleness during these trying times, how to use mindfulness to learn how to be at one with the current experience and make it through it without feeling overwhelmed and overcome those strong negative emotions and most importantly, how to cultivate mindfulness and apply it to both their personal and professional lives.

> Learning Objectives

Learn how to cultivate & apply mindfulness to both your personal & professional lives, how to be at one with your current experience & make it through challenging situations without getting overwhelmed & overcome strong negative emotions.

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