Skills in a GBS

Max. 25 per class

1 Module

2 days

The following program can be customised based on your needs.


> About The Program

Communication is a vital component in the day-to-day operation of all businesses. Employees of various levels ranging from the CEO to the receptionist require excellent communication skills for personal and organisational success.

According to A Job Outlook 2016 survey, employers ranked communication as the most important skill for employees with an importance rating of 4.63 out of 5. A study by found that 70% of workplace problems arise from poor communication. In line with these findings, this program focuses on the art of effective communication.

> Learning Objectives

This program will educate you on how to build and sustain relationships in and out of the office, create cohesive teams, minimise workplace problems, boost employee morale and enhance organisational innovation and productivity.

> Topics Covered

Cross-Cultural Communication

Cross-Generational Communication

Negotiation & Persuasion Skills

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Constructive Feedback

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