Building &
Leading Effective

Max. 25 per class

1 Module

2 days

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> About The Program

Simply putting a team together is easy compared to building a cohesive unit which takes more time and effort. You must first ensure that the relationships between you and your team as well as among your team members are built on a foundation of trust and respect. Then you need to acknowledge every member’s significance in helping the team accomplish mutual goals.

By emphasising teamwork, you can maximise the productiveness of your team and to a larger extent, the organisation. When individuals with complementary abilities and diverse ideas can work together harmoniously, this results in a high performance team that has great potential to succeed.

> Learning Objectives

You will find out how to unite your team with a shared vision and maintain strong team bonds. This program also covers the ways to identify each member’s strengths and weaknesses in order to enhance the former and minimise the latter.

> Topics Covered

Open Communication & Active Listening Strategy

Team Goals & Performance Evaluation

Developing a Clear-Cut Decision-Making Strategy

Identifying Your Leadership Strengths & Weaknesses

Capitalising on Team Strengths & Weaknesses

Helping Employees Understand Their Job Description

A Consistent & Proactive Feedback Strategy

Different Behavioural & Work Styles

Effective Conflict Resolution Skills

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