Max. 25 per class

1 Module

2 days

The following program can be customised based on your needs.

> About The Program

Situational leadership is primarily about two things: flexibility and adaptability. In a constantly changing business environment, it is more imperative than ever to stay one step ahead of the change – and this program is designed to accomplish just that.

Business leaders today must be able to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the business while satisfying the needs of the organisation at the same time. They need to develop a sharp sense of knowing where, when and how to jump from one management style to another with ease.

> Learning Objectives

Our aim is to provide leaders with all the necessary skills and tools to navigate every business situation. Through this course, leaders will be trained to embrace change and effectively lead their teams to capitalise on the change itself.

> Topics Covered

Being a Leader

Embracing Change

Making the Most of Mindfulness

Using Both Your Words & Actions

Tapping Into Your Inner Resources

Diversity & Engagement

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