Giving and Receiving

Max. 25 per class

1 Module

2 days

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> About The Program

Feedback is part and parcel of every organisation. It is a simple yet powerful tool that can rectify errors, help employees analyse their performance, improve operations and increase confidence. By being honest and open, every individual’s feedback brings benefits to all – be it the giver, receiver or the company.

Constructive feedback is information-specific, work-focused and non-judgmental. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, constructive feedback serves to encourage self-improvement and self-assessment. It should enhance the quality of work without negatively impacting employees.

> Learning Objectives

Through this program you will discover practical and useful methods of providing feedback to your employees and use the feedback communication channel as a catalyst for positive change within the organisation.

> Topics Covered

How Feedback Impacts You & Your Workplace

The Importance of Hearing What Isn't Said

Strategies for Formal & Informal Feedback

Open & Close-Ended Questions

Understand & Give Effective Feedback

The Difference Between Assertion & Hostility

Give Honest Feedback That Doesn't Hurt Feelings

Turn Harsh Criticism Into Success

Give & Take Constructive Criticism

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