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> About The Program

Our Digital program is a result of a careful design process carried out in collaboration with our computer skills partner ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence). ICDL is a global organization with a solid track record of delivering a multitude of prestigious certification programs. These programmes are meticulously designed to cater to varying levels of digital literacy skills and improve computer competency.

With the rapid advancements in internet and computing technology, it is imperative to stay up to date and master the latest developments to stay competitive. Our Digital program is specially tailored to cover a wide range of topics that are applicable to professionals at all levels to ensure a holistic positive impact on company operations.

> Learning Objectives

Through this program, employees can gain a diverse skill set that is valuable as well as highly transferable to different fields. The combination of computer skills and productivity skills boosts competitive advantage, along with paving the way to streamlined and functional organisations that are set to achieve greater heights of digital excellence.

Introductory Programs

> Digital Citizen (Tablet)
> Digital Citizen (PC)
> Digital Citizen Plus (Tablet)
> Digital Citizen Plus (PC)


> Computer Basics
> Application Basics
> Computer Essentials
> Online Essentials

Offline Application

> Word Processing
> Spreadsheets
> Presentation

Offline Application

> Online Collaboration
> Secure Use of IT
> Information Literacy

Marketing & Communication

> Digital Marketing
> Image Editing
> Advanced Word Processing
> Advanced Presentation

Finance & Management

> Advanced Spreadsheets
> Financial Spreadsheets
> Data Analytics
> Project Planning


> 2D Design
> 3D Design
> Web Editing


> Using Databases
> Advanced Databases
> Computing


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