You can “goreng” some people some of the time but not all people all of the time. The art of “menggoreng” in the business world requires you to have facts and data to substantiate your ideas. Ultimately, if you lack substance, no one will care about what you have to say.
We conducted the Goreng like a Pro (Eloquence) workshop, part of the Sekampung Leadership series to a group of analysts from the various functions of an established shared services company in KL. We shared about how they too can learn how to goreng like a pro but with substance and confidence. The workshop started off a little slow as they were pretty shy but it ended with a bang as they have committed to us that they will be practicing their new found knowledge at work. As this program was developed from the leadership book, When the Chicken Dies, Everyone Cries, they each got a book and Boon who was the trainer for this workshop even spent time book signing after class.