Emotional intelligence (EQ) plays a huge role in our daily lives and it’s become a new must-have for the workplaces of today but it isn’t a skill that graduates are being taught in schools or universities. Mindfulness isn’t just some hippy-dippy theory about living in the present; it applies to every aspect of our lives from whether we thrive & succeed or fail to how well we’re able to build & maintain relationships especially when we are emotionally drained or stressed.

We live in a fast-paced, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world where change and adaptability has now become the constant and the norm. In the workshop that we conducted for participants consisting of Accounting graduates under the MyPAC Professional Development Plan, we shared with them how they can learn to perform consistently under pressure as well as how they can view every change not as a challenge but as a career opportunity. By becoming more mindful & developing a sense of self-awareness, they’ll gain a sense of accountability & also become more considerate about how their actions impact the people around them. The goal of the workshop was also to provide the participants with the knowledge & skills they need in order to harness their thoughts, emotions, use their strengths and even their weaknesses in their favour.