None of us are naturally born with the ability to be eloquent. It’s a skill like everything else that we have to learn and the more we practice, the better we become. The only thing or person that stands in our way when it comes to practicing is us and our fears. So why not look at your Fear this way. Focus on it. Engage with it. Assess what it is that makes you this way. Respond accordingly. If we stare at our Fear of speaking up, presenting, public speaking, giving feedback, anything related to communication straight in the face and tell, watch me break you down, you will succeed. Another tip, learn to laugh at yourself because when you do, others won’t be laughing at you anymore, they will be laughing with you.

These were some of the topics that we shared at our second Goreng Like A Pro workshop for the analyst and yes, they were made to present and yes, they were all given tips on how to be better. We do have to say that they took the tips to heart because Round 2 of the presentation exercise was really a huge improvement from Round 1. Keep it up, team !!!!