The most important ROI for any employee learning and development investment for the individual and the company is sustainability, practice and the use of new skills and knowledge learnt. These skills need to become part of the participant’s daily work DNA. It is said that to do that, you need consistency, routine and discipline so that we create a habit that becomes so natural to us, it’s just like brushing our teeth in the morning.

At Xtrategize, we do not just come in, train the participants and walk away. We are invested just like their company, in their success. We know that sometimes that participants may still have questions and concerns and so for many of our clients, we request to spend time with the participants that we trained so that we can have open dialogues about the challenges that they face and to cheer them on their development journey when they share how they have put their knowledge to practice and how it has helped not only them but their team grows.

Conducted the Decision Making Workshop for a Global Business Services Company in Penang last year and met with our participants again on the 26th of February to do our follow-up on how they have been able to use what they learnt in their daily routine, processes as well as with their leaders and teams. Of course, trying new things, being out of your comfort zone is not an easy task but having the courage to try and even to fail, to pick yourself up and try again is already a step in the right direction. So proud of this team and can’t wait to meet up with them again for the next follow-up.